Banjo Lessons Knoxville TN – Nationwide | Online Instructor Ryan Byrne

BANJO LESSONS KNOXVILLE TN – NATIONWIDE: Popular Knoxville Academy of Music instructor Ryan Byrne is available for online banjo lessons for beginner students of all ages ANYWHERE in the USA! But act fast, he only has a few spots left on his schedule. Call Knoxville Academy of Music today at (865) 675-1655 to enroll and ask for banjo lessons with Ryan Byrne!

Bluegrass / Scruggs Style (Three Finger Roll)

The banjo has been used in multiple genres throughout it’s history, but here in East Tennessee, the majority of our students taking banjo lessons are interested in learning how to play bluegrass. The most dominant technique used in bluegrass banjo playing is called Scruggs Style (aka Three Finger Roll), named after Earl Scruggs. Bluegrass banjo is also heavily characterized by the use of finger picks worn on the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. The picks produce more volume as well as the characteristic treble-heavy “twang” associated with bluegrass.

Clawhammer Style (Frailing)

Another style of banjo playing requested by our students is called Clawhammer (aka frailing). Clawhammer Style is used primarily in folk music. Unlike bluegrass players, clawhammer banjoists do not use finger picks. Instead they form their right hand into a “claw” shape and use the fingernails to “hammer”the strings.